About us

Pelėdos Baldai – an investment which maintains its quality for 8 – 12 years.

Come with an idea and we will ensure that it will become reality.

We produce furniture in the following sequence:

1. Design. We listen about your ideas and desires, provide our suggestions and, after seeing your home spaces, design the furniture. You will be able to see the furniture design, color combinations and fittings on the computer screen immediately. Furniture are handed to the production stage only after full agreement of all the details and confirmation of the project.

2. Production. The production is taking place without any intermediaries. It allows us to reduce the production costs and to control the quality of work.

The manufacturing process of Pelėdos Baldai consists of:

  • Wood panels are cut tenth of a millimeter precision with an Italian company‘s machine-tool Casolin;
  • Edges are laminated with fully automated German laminating machine Brandt;
  • All the furniture are packed and stored at place.

3. Installation. We will contact you when the furniture are fully made and we will agree on a delivery date.
The furniture can be delivered to any town or city in Lithuania. Upon delivery of furniture they are collected and installed on the same day.

After completing the installation work we will take care of the package and all the waste left, so you won‘t need to collect it yourselves!

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